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Pet Shoppe Boutique was created by animal lovers for animal lovers. Our passion is endless for animals in need. Our mission is to help save the lives of many dogs that would otherwise be euthanized for their incontinence or inability to housetrain. Our homemade products give the pet a life of happiness and the owner, peace of mind.

Our own 5 Special Needs Babies are the loves of our lives and the root of inspiration. Enjoy their stories below.

Our Pebbles was turned over to rescue at a mere 10 weeks old for her inability to walk when she was born. We adopted her right away and knew the challenge that lied ahead to give her the ability to walk. After countless laps in the tub, she developed the muscles needed to pull her legs up underneath her. With continued therapy she soon was running and playing with her siblings. Now 12 years later she has a heart condition and thyroid issues but lives life to the fullest every day. UPDATE: It is with tremendous sadness that our Pebbles left for the Rainbow Bridge on Nov 25 to join her sisters.

Meet our little Yukon. A 10 year old Pomeranian. Yukon is the direct result of irresponsible mill breeding. Due to genetic defects he was born with no eyeballs. Even though he is blind, and has major alopecia issues, Yukon loves life and his siblings. At a tiny 4 pounds, he loves to snuggle, cuddle, dance and wrestle. Being sightless has not stopped him from enjoying all the pleasures of life. He is forever loved by our family.

Our little Mister, an 9 year old Shih Tzu was abandoned when he was 5. We immediately adopted him not knowing his history. Once home with us his psychological behavior was closely observed. He was aggressive and a biter, and clear signs he had been physically abused. After months of our in home rehab his behavior improved tremendously. He is now loving and playful with his siblings. Mister has developed degenerative disc disease but that doesn't slow him down.

Meet Adisyn, our 8 year old blue merle Mini Australian Shepherd. Addie as we call her, is the life of the party. Adopted at 12 weeks old, she is extremely loyal and loves to try and herd her siblings. Addie is most happy when her human brother Spencer is home from college to play ball with her. She has a luxating patella which periodically flares up with pain but not enough to require surgery as of yet. The fabulous orthopedic team at Michigan State University are monitoring her joint.

Say hello to Winifred or Winnie as we call her. She is truly daddy's baby girl. A Shih Tzu - Maltese mix, Winnie is a special baby born on Christmas Day. Her breeder left her with a rescue when she was just a few weeks old. We adopted her at 8 weeks old and a teeny tiny pound and a half. She is spunky regardless of having no hip joint on one side. Her lower leg joint is fused causing her to run peg legged. The muscles, tendons and ligaments hold everything in place without the hip bone. She spent nearly a year in intense physical therapy to save her leg from amputation. Winnie is closely monitored by her favorite orthopedic surgeon, Dr. DeJardin at Michigan State University. As the tiniest and youngest member of our family at almost 7 years old, she has the biggest personality and is the Alpha.

Our Angel Babies:

Our Gigi is a special baby we adopted from a rescue that received her from a shelter where she was dumped off. Gigi lived in horrendous puppy mill conditions. She lost a rear limb during her days in the mill and was forced to breed with only 3 legs. She also lost her sight during her life there. Gigi’s age is unknown, most likely over 15 years old now, and being a senior with disabilities does not slow her down. We have reassured her that love prevails and happiness abounds for the rest of her life. Gigi, although a female, has the honor of modeling the belly bands on our website.{ With a VERY heavy heart, we lost our Gigi on the morning of Dec. 12, 2008. Words cannot express our sadness by Gigi's passing. She was the light of our world and gave us the strength to overcome any challenges we may face. She has been our model for belly bands and because of her existance we have developed lifelong friendships. Our hearts will forever miss her.}

Our Snuggles is 17 years old and has been part of our family since her early puppy days. Her senior years continue to grow and so does her love for life. Snuggles is now deaf and communicates with hand gestures, her activity level remains mostly unchanged from her early days of puppy hood. She has a gentle spirit that is loved by all who meet her. Snuggles was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease. With new medication we hope to have her with us for years to come.(Sadly our Snuggles left us on February 13th, 2012 She fought to the end and is now happily playing with her sisters at the Bridge.)

We rescued Yashi from a pet store where she was neglected of her basic needs. At 7 weeks old eating food and drinking water were not available to her as she laid dying in a cage with a price tag over her head. We paid the outrageous “sale” price and immediately rushed her to the animal hospital. Fortunately, for the quick treatment she received by the veterinarians, she survived. As a result of the neglect, she did suffer irreversible paralysis on one side of her face but that does not stop her from sharing those wonderful slurpy kisses. Now at 10 years old now she displays the same love and loyalty she did when we first peered into her cage all those years ago. Yashi was recently diagnosed and is currently battling Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. She is now on a chemo regiment with hopes that remission is in the near future.{Our sweet Yashi left us very unexpectedly on July 13th, 2010 She suffered a fatal stroke. We are deeply saddened by her passing and will miss her tremendously.}


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